Cernovog is a dark god, one whose nature is primal and without mercy. While he is often viewed with great fear, most who worship Cernovog view him as a champion of order- he holds to his word and law, though the punishments meted out are draconian at best.

In many places, Cernovog’s priesthood keeps a low profile near military camps or travels from battlefield to battlefield, keeping their appearance hidden. They avoid taking sides in a war, instead allowing warriors to come to them of their own accord to worship; they do attempt to keep opposing forces from worshiping at the same time, and maintain some degree of neutral ground around their encampments.

In others, where lords invoke Cernovog, the priesthood is over presided over by the ruler directly, with the priests taking up residence alongside guards, courtiers, and servants. Here the priesthood makes itself conspicuous around the lord of the land, although they will often still maintain individual anonymity.


As a god of war and destruction, Cernovog is often worshiped by soldiers caught on the front lines, in the mud, rain, and blood of their battle brothers, hoping that he will bless them with victory and survival. As a god of tyranny, Cernovog is invoked by those who rule with an iron-shod fist, offering power and legitimacy through blood and worship.

One of the more unusual aspects of Cernovog is the fact he is closely intertwined with Bilabog, with different faiths having different interpretations. To some they are brothers or twins, to others they are halves of the same being, and yet others see them as the same entity which shifts back and forth with the seasons or time of day. This leads to violence in some areas, while in others the two faiths have strict taboos against harming a priest of the opposite god or desecrating a place of worship.


Most of Cernovog’s ‘temples’ are grass-covered plazas or clearings featuring a circle of evenly-spaced stone monoliths with an altar offset from the center. Ceremonies take place at night during new moons or while overcast, with the ground turned to mud (preferably via rainstorms). These are usually bloody affairs, with those worshiping Cernovog’s tyrannical aspect often including the execution of criminals, and those focusing on war or destruction offering up blood from soldiers or those wounded in battle.

Primal Aspect

Cernovog has a widespread following among the primal races, which has led to a great deal of conflict in the past. In the more benevolent aspects, the god is venerated as a warrior, a deity of strength and martial prowess necessary for survival. Worship tends to involve bloodletting, martial contests, and raiding parties that are at least as interested in proving martial prowess as securing plunder.

In the darker aspects, the god is venerated with outright raids meant to destroy outlying villages and slaughter their populations in the middle of the night, soaking the ground with blood and taking anything useful before turning the buildings into a raging pyre. The groups who worship Cernovog in this manner tend to be fewer and further between, but their actions color the perception of all followers of Cernovog among the primal races.


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